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We specialise in working with brands in the luxury travel market – hotels, resorts, lodges, restaurants, chefs, galleries, tourism boards and other companies. We have an eye for beauty and understand quality, luxury and experience. At the same time, we understand hospitality and guests intrinsically. As a team, we have a good combination of skills and practical experience in both hospitality and marketing. Topped off with a personal passion for travel and unique experiences, we are geared to really understand what sets your brand apart from the rest.

Mitch, Georgina and Austen

Mitch, Georgina and Austen

The key players



Austen is a photographer and videographer, studied Hospitality Management and worked for some of the best hotels in the world for the last 12 years, before founding Etched Space in 2016. Austen is the man behind the camera in the business. And behind the big ideas – he gets a kick from creative direction and telling stories. With his operational management experience in hospitality, he brings context to everything we do.

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As a hotelier by trade, Mitch has client service in his blood. Naturally, Mitch is Etched Space’s account director and content marketing manager on key accounts. Managing luxury properties has always been a keen passion of his, but Mitch was instinctively drawn to the creative side of the industry. He gets involved on every level of the job – from client visits to strategic planning; from creative briefs to coordinating film shoots; from copywriting to social media management.

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Georgina has an honours degree in Business Science Marketing, has worked in the corporate world in communications, advertising and branding for 5 years, and has more recently gained operational experience in luxury hospitality for the last two years before founding Etched Space. Georgina is the wordsmith in the business. She loves marketing strategy and fully understanding how your content fits into the bigger picture.

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